Flower Island Borneo

Still from the rest of the way of a floating market, Right in the middle of the river Barito, there is a land called and known by the name, Pulau Kembang (Flower Island)

According to the story of the island that is Barito river delta, the Island is called Flower Island because of the island that just a form of land, was growing more and more covered with plants. The island is covered with plants typical of Borneo, and is currently populated by many species of monkeys including the long-tailed monkey. Among them of course there is the king of monkeys, which have a larger body. In this place also has a place for worship of the ethnic Chinese, where there is a shrine with a statue replica of the white monkey/Hanuman.

Before coming to this island, It’s better to keep  our small items in the bag, such as glasses, hats, watches, cameras, if not it will be taken by the monkeys and better prepare snacks to be given to the monkeys. Small foods such as peanuts and bananas we could buy there too, which is sold by the local people, which use the chance to make a living. The monkeys on this island is very aggressive, because they are starving …. Very sad!

 At the worship place of the ethnic Chinese

Monkeys Forest

Feeding monkeys

Felt sorry for them 🙁

Carried one of them 🙂

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