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Pictures in Asian African museum

The End of the World War II didn’t mean the end of animosity between nations. In some parts of the world, old problem remained while the new ones emerged.

The images in accordance with the sequence of events :

In 1954, tension mounted in Indochina, since the U.S. intervention in Indochina and the French war, because of the cold war spread to Southeast Asian. Prime Minister Ali Sostroamidjojo Indonesia accepted an invitation from John Kotelawala, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, to attend the conference to be attended by five prime ministers, Sri Lanka, Burma, India, Pakistan and Indonesia, which was held in Colombo in April 1954. This conference this conference we named it Colombo Conference or Colombo Plan. More about this we can find it in wikipedia :  Colombo Plan.

Cold War



One of the key figures in world war II

Headed the rise of nations – Bogor Conference

Bogor Conference was held on December 28 to 30, 1954, in Bogor Palace with the approval of Indonesia’s first president Soekarno, in which the conference was held to discuss the final preparations implementation of Asian-African Conference. Indonesia Upon the invitation Prime Minister of indonesia Ali Sostroamidjojo , attended the Prime Minister of Burma (Unu), India (Nehru) ,Pakistan (Moh.Ali), and Sri Lanka (John Kotelawala).

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“Bandung Walk” and Asia Africa Echoes from Bandung

Monday April 18, 1955, since dawn the activities of convivial The Opening Season of the Asian-African Confernce In Bandung city had been started. Around 08.30 am, delegates from many countries walked from Homann Hotel and Preanger Hotel to Gedung Merdeka in order to attend that event. Their walked is known as “The Historical Walk” (The Bandung Walks)

The Opening Session of The Asian-African Conference in “Gedung Merdeka” on 18 April 1955 

Diorama of the opening season of the Asian-African Conference

 Photos of Delegations from some countries