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The Magnificence of Mount Bromo in Java Island

As one of the most beautiful mountain in the island of Java, Mount Bromo is so crowded with tourists. There, you can see the desert that is so exotic, cool mountain atmosphere with a thick fog, a beautiful crater and sunrise views that so stunning.


The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes. Source : Thomas Hirsch Author : Thomas Hirsch  GNU Free Documentation License
The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes.
Source : Thomas Hirsch
Author : Thomas Hirsch
GNU Free Documentation License


Bromo name is taken from the word Brahma, the supreme god of Hindus. Mount Bromo is a volcano that still active and a very famous as a tourist attraction in Indonesia. Bromo has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level, and is located in 4 regions in East Java, namely, Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang.

Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of about 800 meters (north-south) and approximately 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area, a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo.

Bromo incorporated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) which includes Mount Bromo. TNBTS also includes Tengger tribe villages and the highest mountain in the island of Java, Mount Semeru.

If you come during the summer, you can see the sunrise and views of the mountains that wide stretches in the bright weather. The best time to come to Bromo is around the month of June to October.

Mount Bromo physical shape mesh between valleys and canyons with a caldera or a sea of ??sand, covering an area of ??10 square kilometers and there is a temple in the middle. To reach the crater of Mount Bromo and sea sand is not easy. If  not strong enough to climb by foot, we can rent horses with the price Rp 70,000 (7$).


Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.  Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar GNU Free Documentation License.
Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.
Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar
GNU Free Documentation License.


After that we had to climb 250 stairs, but do not worry, all the tiredness will pay off when it reached the peak. Seeing the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo that secrete smoke and vast desert while waiting for the sunrise if we climb at dawn would look so beautiful. Moreover natural phenomenon Bromo is constantly extraordinary changing.

Once a year, Tengger residents of Bromo mountain, do Kasodo ceremony. The ceremony was held at the temple is located at the northern foot of Mount Bromo and continues up to the top of the mountain. Ceremony is held  every full moon on the 14th or 15 months Kasodo (tenth) according to the Javanese calendar.

Prepare enough warm clothes and head cap much needed to reduce the cold temperatures, considering the temperature there can reach 0 degrees Celsius.


Bromo eruption Source :
Bromo eruption
Source :


Even several times mount Bromo is erupted, the Center for Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center said people on the mountain slopes are safe and do not need to evacuate.

Mount Bromo has different characteristics to other volcanoes. This mountain has a low volcanic, would only issue a sands and ashes.


Mount Bromo Eruption


Legend of Mount Bromo

Ancient legend said there was a girl that lived in the affluent village near Mount Bromo, her name is Rara Anteng. She’s very pretty, friendly, humble, and diligent. She married a young man, Jaka Seger.

Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng were happy couple but they did not have a child. Therefore they pray to God. Soon an old man appeared and said, “you will have twenty-five children, but you have to sacrifice your son most small / young”.

Several months later Rara Anteng given gift of a baby. They were very happy. After a few years they  had twenty-five children. The youngest named Warih Kusuma.

One night Jaka Seger remember the message of the old man and talk to his wife. After that they head into the crater of Mount Bromo to pray to God because they can not sacrifice Warih Kusuma. Instantly the sky became dark and they heard the sound of thunder. They ran away from the crater.

Once the lightning had subsided, Warih Kusuma disappeared. They heard the sound of Warih Kusuma from inside crater, “Please let me go, but  give offerings every year”.

Finally Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng let Warih Kusuma go. Tengger name is taken from Jaka Tengger and Rara Anteng , since then Tengger residents always presents of livestock and agricultural produce at the Kasodo ceremony.


Bromo Mountain


Location of Mount Bromo

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Legend of scary creature from Bali called “LEAK”

LEAK was a human who practiced black magic and have cannibalistic behavior. Leak can fly to find a pregnant woman and suck the blood of newborn babies, to complete magical abilities.

There are three kinds of legendary LEAK, two females and one male. Great magic skills can be transformed into Rangda, queen of black magic. LEAK believed to haunt the cemetery, eat the corpse, have the power to transform themselves into animals, even they can change the form become a monkey with a gold or rat tooth, or they can transformed being bald giant with a very long tongue and large fangs.


English: Wooden mask representing the witch Rangda.
Source : Tropenmuseum
Author : Tropenmuseum
licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported




In Balinese mythology, LEAK is the wicked witch. Le means witches and ak means evil. LEAK can only be seen at night by the Shaman hunter LEAK.
In the afternoon their appeared as an ordinary human being, but at night they free themselves from their bodies and fly around. Their strong enemies are BARONG, a character in the mythology of Bali.

Barong is the king of the spirits, leader of a good host. Barong and Rangda represents the character of Good and Evil in Bali legend.



Some people say that LEAK magic only works on the island, therefore LEAK is only found in Bali.

If someone stabbed LEAK from the neck down to the head and when the head separated from his body, then LEAK can not be reunited with his body. If the head is separated at a specified time, then LEAK will be die.

Mask of LEAK with sharp teeth and long tongue is also sometimes used as a home decoration.

In the world of LEAK is known attractions that are very interesting, such as performing skills among followers of LEAK. They will demonstrate the ability of various levels, such as martial arts.
They are performing a war, air attraction and various other skills.

More about LEAK (Wikipedia)


“Garuda Wisnu Kencana” (GWK), Cultural Park in Bali, Indonesia

Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park or commonly abbreviated as GWK, is a tourist park in the southern island of Bali that is located in Unggasan Hill, Jimbaran, Nusa Dua Cape, Badung regency, approximately 40 kilometers in Southern Denpasar.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana is above the limestone plateau, in height 146 meters above the ground surface or 263 meters above the sea surface. In the area of the cultural park is planned to set up a landmark of Bali, that is a giant statue of Vishnu God riding a Garuda (Big Eagle) and is as high as 12 meters. This giant statue is the work of renowned sculptor Bali, I Nyoman Nuarta. This monument was developed as park of culture and become an icon for tourism in Bali and Indonesia. Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the manifestation of modern culture and ancient traditions.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Statue, not finished…


Garuda Wisnu Kencana is the largest mega project in Bali, plans to build the statue as high as 146 meters, with 66 meter eagle wingspan, estimated to have weighed 4000 tons. From the total land area of 200 hectares are planned, currently is managed 100 acres, and work is completed only about 15%  up to now and newly completed the half-body statue of Vishnu God, Garuda bird’s head, and hands of Vishnu. Although only a small part of manufacture, but it already looked magnificent and beautiful.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana seems to be a mega project in Bali. Statue of Vishnu God is planned to be built with the position of riding Garuda. Mega projects that is planned to be completed within 10 years (1995-2005) run into congestion, and its development can be seen in a few years ago, now only half-formed head and body of Lord Vishnu and Garuda bird’s head. In 2009, the hands of Vishnu God had been sent to the location of GWK. Planned that when all components have been fully completed and sent to the location, the location of the statue which is currently half-finished, will be be moved to the appointed place, all components will be assembled and will be formed as the Statue of Garuda Wisnu Kencana in accordance to the replica.


Vishnu God Statue, also not finished yet..


Statue of Vishnu, the Hindus god is the Preserver god (Sthiti), the keeper of universe, who rides the eagle bird. A masterpiece inspired by the story of Adi Parwa, in the episode about devotion and sacrifice of the eagle bird to save his mother from slavery then the bird serve to Vishnu God to be his vehicle that finally is protected by him.


Cultural park Garuda Wisnu Kencana


This statue has a visibility of up to 20 km, so this place can be seen from Kuta, Sanur, Nusa Dua to Tanah Lot and is made from a mixture of copper, brass and steel, in certain parts will be coated with a mosaic of gold weighing 4,000 tons. With a height of 75 meters and 60 meters wide it will show the size of an eagle’s head that is really very big. It’s hard to imagine that eventually the whole form of eagle will become very big, but this project had been halted due to funding problems.

When the statue GWK is completed, it will be the biggest and highest statue in the world, exceeding the statue of Liberty in United States that it height is 46 meters and weight 204 tons.

Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is expected to stimulate the balance, so the natural harmony can be created. Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue is a symbol of environmental and world rescue mission. Cultural park is also to educate people, especially the younger generation to preserve the national heritage.


Garuda Wisnu Kencana Plaza hall at southern Bali


Cultural park in GWK location


 Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park Bali, Indonesia


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“Tanah Lot” One of the Fantastic places in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot is one of the famous sights on the island of Bali,  located in the Village Beraban, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency. The distance is about 13 km to the west of the city of Tabanan. From Ngurah Rai airport can be reached in less than 1 hours drive.


Temple on the big rock in the middle of the sea
Photographer : Anton Raharja


Temple on the big rock was behind me


Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali that offers the natural beauty of the sunset. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is that the place is located in the middle of the sea about 300 meters from the beach which also there is the large rock with a large cave in the middle of it.


The Cave in the middle of the rock


The Cave, also the place  for Hindu religious ceremony, worship to the guardians God of the sea.


Here there are two temples located at the top of the large rock. One is located at the top of the boulder which, when the tide is high the temple will be seen surrounded by sea water and the other one is located on the north on the top of the cliff, jutting into the sea. This cliff becomes a liaison between the temple in the middle of the sea and the mainland which is shaped like a curved bridge.

Pura (Temple) Tanah Lot as a temple in the middle of the sea is the worship place to the guardian gods of  the sea. Usually visitors will come in the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset.


On the rock, at Tanah lot location


Tanah Lot is derived from  the word “Tanah” that is interpreted as the land, and “Lot” means the sea. So Tanah Lot interpreted as the land that is in the middle of the sea. Pura Tanah Lot was founded in the 15th century by a Hindus priest named Nirartha from the Kingdom of Majapahit (on Java Island) on his way to spread the Hindu religion from the land of Java in the 16th century. Before giving the instructions to set up a temple in this place, he felt the vibrations of purity and obtained spiritual perfection.

According to the Legend, Danghyang Nirartha who successfully strengthened the confidence of the local community about the teachings of Hinduism, the sacred leader in that place named Bendesa Beraban felt threatened because many of his followers became followers of Danghyang Nirarta. Then Bendesa ordered Danghyang Nirartha to leave Tanah Lot.

He agreed but before leaving the Tanah Lot, with all his strength he moved the stone blocks to the middle of the beach and built the temples there. He also changed his scarf into a snake as a temple guardians. The snakes are still exist to this day and they are species of sea snakes that have a characteristic flat tail like a fish, striped black and yellow color. Bendesa Beraban was amazed and later became followers of Danghyang Nirartha.

In some small tunnels in the vicinity of the barrier reef of Pura Tanah Lot are places where the striped snakes that are benign are located and trusted by society as the guardian of the temple. Around the temple there are freshwater springs which can be seen during low tide. The existence of the spring water had been a major consideration when this place was chosen as the location of the temple.


Beautiful Scenery of Tanah Lot
Photographer : Anton Raharja


Tanah Lot currently is managed professionally, equipped with various facilities. Entrance fee includes accident insurance and for every vehicle that enters the Tanah Lot location, accident insurance is directly covered by the pay parking fees.



Beautiful Sunset of Tanah Lot Bali


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The beauty of the “Color Lake” (Telaga Warna) in Java Island Indonesia

Color Lake is not just one, there exist more at different places in Indonesia, I will tell the story about 2 of them that exist in Java Island Indonesia. The Lake that is called Telaga Warna (Colour Lake), located in Puncak, West Java and in Daeng Plateau, Central Java.


The Story/ Legend of Color Lake In West Java

Long ago there was a kingdom in West Java which  ruled by a wise king. His people lived in prosperity.

Unfortunately the King and  queen not blessed with descendants. Many years of waiting for a child, the King decided to go to the woods and prayed.  It was applied to the the Mighty for giving him descendants.
Entire kingdom rejoiced when the King and Queen prayer finally fulfilled. Queen conceived and gave birth a beautiful baby girl.

Princess grew into a beautiful young woman. Because she was the only child and her birth had so long awaited, she was very spoiled by her parents. All her wishes obeyed.

Princess had grown and soon she will be seventeen. The people of the kingdom gathered a lot of gifts for their beloved princess. The King collected all the gifts from the people and intended to shared back to them later. He just took a bit of gold and gems and then ask the jeweler for melting and making it to become a beautiful diamond necklace for his daughter.

On Princess birthday, the King gave her the necklace and said : “My daughter, now you have grown. Look at this beautiful necklace. This necklace is a gift from our people. They are really love you. ”

The people of the kingdom had come flocked to see their princess on her birthday. They want to see a sprinkled necklace of colorful gemstones decorated the neck of their beloved princess.

Princess just glanced at the necklace.

The King and Queen, tried to persuade her wearing the necklace.
“I do not want to,” replied the princess short. “I do not want to wear it! The necklace was ugly!  “She screamed and then ran to her room.

King, Queen and all the people there were stunned. Colorful necklace that was beautiful broken and pearl scattered on the floor. Queen sat down and started crying. Slowly all the women there began to cry, even men shed their tears. They never thought that their princess could do something like that.

Suddenly in the place necklace fell, spring water out which grew larger and making the palace drowned. Not only that, the whole kingdom inundated with water forming a large lake.

Now, the lake was not as wide as before, but the water looks beautiful, colorful, because of reflection the color of the sky and the trees around it. But many people believe that the beautiful colors of the lake came from the princess necklace at the bottom.


Puncak Pass Java – Indonesia, Picture taken by Hullie for Wikipedia
Lisensi Creative Commons Atribusi-Berbagi Serupa 3.0 Unported



This video clip was made by college students in Bogor not far from Color Lake. They tried to share their experience about their trip to watch natural attraction. Although not a professional in making the video, but it’s very interesting to see their activity on that place.

In the video they showed their trip toward to the Color Lake, at the “Puncak” area, which left and right along the road unfold of tea plantations and beautiful scenery as well as the cool air.

They also told the story behind the legend of the Lake, as I told above. Arriving there they explored the lake by renting a boat. There are two facilities provided, by renting rubber boats and rafts. Visitors can also camp there. Various types of plants are there, because the lake is surrounded by mountainous tropical forest.

That place is not far from Jakarta, capital city of Indonesia and can use motorbike or car to go there, cars can not reach too close to the lake, because track of the road barely passable by car, but the organizer provides car park around it.



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Dieng Color Lake in Central Java

is one of the mainstay attractions Wonosobo regency in Central Java Province. This lake has a unique color, associated with the color of the lake. Sometimes yellow or green and colorful like a rainbow, because has a fairly high sulfur content.

According to the local community, there is a story that caused the color of the lake is colorful. It is said that, there is a ring once owned by a local nobleman which have magic power, but fell to the bottom of the lake.
While from a scientific study, this lake is a volcanic crater which contains sulfur. As a result, when the lake water exposed to sunlight, will be refracted become colorful.

Attraction Lake Colors are frequently visited by domestic and foreign tourists, because of  its beauty and the fresh air. To enter color lake attractions, visitor charged less than 1 dollar. Visitors are advised to keep their talk during exploring the region. The reason is, because this place is sacred. Myth and legend only the belief of local communities. You free to believe or not.


Telaga Warna, Dieng-Plateau, Central Java-Indonesia
Author : Kondephy
Licensed under the Creative Commons license Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unsuported


Dieng Plateau which has Many tourism besides Color Lake.


The volcanic terrain of the Dieng plateau, the Abode of the Gods
Author : Sumarma Hamidi (Volcanological Survey of Indonesia)
This file is in the public domain in Indonesia


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Magic stone from Minang land, in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Magic stone that is located in the area of Batu Sangkar, Padang, West Sumatra has been famous because of its uniqueness. Magic Stone is called Batu Angke by residents of that area. The stone is special because often changes its weight. 

Tourism Angke stone, located in District Batu Sangkar River, about three hours drive from city of Padang. Apparently the magic stone has started visited by tourists since 100 years ago. During that time, seven generation keeping this unique heritage.

Batu Angke can be so heavy or it can be very light such as cotton, appropriate the belief of people who lifting it. It is said that there is magical powers in it. In the language of Minang, Angke-Angke means “lift”, so Batu Angke means stone that lifted.

Reading prayer is the rule before lifting the stone. Many from visitors exhausted because this stone can weigh up to hundreds of pounds on their hands. In order to lift the stone is free of charge, only for buying souvenir charged 1$.


Magic Stone


Not everyone can lift it, even men.


Woman who is maintain the location of Magic Stone, can be easily lift it.

The Legend of “Situ Bagendit” Lake in Garut, West Java Indonesia

Garut, is one area in West Java which is a fertile area and has many tourist attractions. One of them is, “Situ Bagendit” (Situ is Sundanese language means lake). 

I will tell you the famous legend behind the story about that lake.

In the ancient times there lived a wealthy widow, named Nyai Endit (Nyai is Mrs in Sundanese Languange in Sunda Land). She lived in a village in Garut city, West Java. Nyai Endit had very many property, but she was stingy and greedy. She was also very arrogant, especially to poor people.

One day, Nyi Endit held of salvation because increased her wealth. When the event, came a beggar. Condition of the beggar was pathetic. His body was very thin and his clothes tattered. He begged to Nyai Bagendit “Please Nyai, give me some food.” Seeing  a dirty old beggar came into her house, Nyai Endit was angry and drove him away. “Shameless dirty beggar, get out of my house”.  Nyai Endit snapped him.

Feeling deeply sad, beggar went away. The next day, people were busy with appearance of the stick which embedded in the village street. Everyone tried to pull out that stick, but not worked. The old beggar who asked for food to Nyi Endit reappeared. He was quickly able to pull out the stick and right away came out a big water fountain and more water came out.

Fearing a flood, the villagers immediately evacuated to other places. Nyai Endit that stingy and greedy did not want to leave her home. She was very fond of her property.

Finallyshe drowned along with all her properties. Other residents survived. Mentioned that it was the origin formation of the lake, that later was named “Situ Bagendit” (Bagendit Lake).


Situ Bagendit in Garut, West Java-Indonesia
Author : Edi Wibowo for Wikipedia
Lisensi Creative Commons Atribusi-Berbagi Serupa 3.0 Unported




Legend of Hanging Rock (Batu Gantung), Parapat city legend in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Once upon a time, in ancient times, in a small village on the shores of Lake Toba, there lived a husband and wife with a beautiful daughter named Seruni. Addition to beautiful, Seruni also a diligent girl because she always helped her parents when they were working in farm that were used for daily living needs.

One day Seruni should work in the farm by herself because her parents had something to do in the neighboring village. She was only accompanied by her dog, named Toki. Arriving at the farm  Seruni just sat pensively, looking at the natural beauty of Lake Toba, while the dog sat beside her, stared at mistress’s face, who looked like moody. Occasionally the dogs barked to distract Seruni attention if there was anything suspicious in the surrounding farm.

Actually, these days Seruni always seemed sad. This was because her father will set her up with a young man who was her own cousin. In fact, she had a relationship with a young man in her village and had also promised to marry him. This situation made her confused, no idea what to do and began to despair. In one hand she did not want to disappoint her parents, but the other hand she was unable to separate with her lover.

After considered for a moment and could not decide anything, Seruni got up from where she sat and with tears in her eyes, she walked slowly toward to the Lake Toba. Seemed she wanted to end her life by jumping into the Lake. While Toki which also followed her into the lake only could bark because didn’t not know what was going on in the mind of Seruni.

While walking toward the cliff on the edge of Lake Toba, she suddenly fell into the hole of big stone until to the bottom. It was very dark, she became frightened and cried for help to her beloved dog, but Toki only a dog, he could not do anything except barking around the mouth of the hole. Finally she became hopeless and said to herself, “Ah, I’d rather die.”.
After said that, for some reason the walls of the hole began to close. “Parapat …! Parapat rock! “, Seruni shouted to make the stone wall more closer and squeezed her body. (Parapat in their language is move closer).

Seeing the incident, Toki ran to the house to ask for help. When he got home, immediately he ran to  Seruni parents who were already at home. Barking, scratching the ground and pacing around his master, Toki tried to tell them that Seruni was in danger.

Aware of what was signaled by the dog, the parents soon went to the farm. Both ran after Toki to the edge of the hole where their daughter fell. When Seruni father heard her screams from the hole, the mother immediately made a torch, because it was already evening and dark, while the father ran back to the village to ask for help from the neighbors.
When the helpers arrived at the farm, with tears Seruni mother said to her husband, “The hole was too deep and dark. I just heard the faint sound of our daughter who said : Parapat, Parapat stone … ”

Several times they shouted, calling  Seruni, but they did not get a response from her. Only Seruni voice which faint ordered the stone around her to move closer. Residents tried to help by holding out the rope to the bottom of the hole, but not at all touched or held by her. Felt worried, father decided to go into the hole, but his wife forbid him, because the hole was very deep and dangerous.

Suddenly there was a roar, and the strong shaking, making the hole slowly closed. Seruni which trapped in the hole could not be saved.

Some time after the shaking stopped, above the hole that had closed, there was a large rock that resembled to girl body which seemed hanging on the wall of the cliff on the shores of Lake Toba. People who saw the incident believed that the stone was the manifestation from Seruni, and later named it as “Hanging Rock”.

Because the last words of Seruni which were heard by residents only “Parapat, Parapat, and Parapat”, then the area around of Hanging Rock was named Parapat. Parapat now had transformed into a tourist destination city in the North Sumatra Province.


Hanging Rock in North Sumatra Indonesia


View on Parapat from Island in Lake Toba,
Author: BesselDekker, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


Parapat harbor, Lake Toba, North Sumatra-Indonesia
Author : Nomo Michael Hoefner
Lisensi Creative Commons Atribusi-Berbagi Serupa 3.0 Unported


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Legend of Lake Toba (DanauToba) in North Sumatra, Indonesia

In the North Sumatra, there is a very large lake, and in the middle of the lake there is a volcanic island. The lake named “Danau Toba” (Lake Toba), while the island in the middle of the lake, named Samosir island. This lake is the largest lake in Indonesia and in Southeast Asia.

In ancient times in a village in North Sumatra, there lived a farmer named Toba. He lived alone in the fertile valley and worked in the farm for a living. Besides worked in his farm, sometimes he went fishing in a river that not far from his home. Easy for him to get the fish, because in a clean river there were plenty of fish to be cooked become some food.

One evening, after returning from farm, he went to the river for fishing. After a while he did not get any fish. It’s never happened before. Usually the fish in the river was easy to get. Because it was too long to wait, he became upset and decided to stop fishing, but when he wanted to pull the fishing line, all of a sudden there was a fish reeled in his line into the middle of the river. His heart was glad, because he knew the fish that grabbed the bait was a big fish. The fish was quickly pulled to the ground, in order not to loose it. At the time he was off the hook, the fish looked at him meaningfully. Then after the fish were placed into one place, he got into the river for bathing. He felt very happy because he never get that big fish. When he left the river, it had started evening.

When Toba got home, he was immediately brought the big fish to the kitchen. When he wanted to light a fire for grilling fish, firewood was in the kitchen had run out. He immediately went out to get firewood from the ground under his house then he climbed back into the house and went straight to the kitchen. By the time he had reached the kitchen, he was shocked because the big fish that was not there anymore, but on where the fish was placed there were some pieces of gold. With shocked and surprised he left the kitchen and entered the room.

When Toba opened the door, he was more surprised, because in the room stood a woman with a long hair. She was combing her hair while stood  facing the mirror that hung on the wall. A moment later she was suddenly turned around and looked at the man who was confused. Toba was so fascinated because he saw a beautiful woman in front of him. He had never seen such a beautiful woman even before he had wandered away to different countries.

Because it was late at night, she asked him to turn on the lights. After he had turned on the lights, he was invited to accompany her in the kitchen because she wanted to cook rice for them. While waited for the rice cooked, she told him that she was the manifestation from the big fish. She also explained that some pieces of gold which was located in the kitchen was the manifestation from the fish scales. After several weeks, she was willing to accept Toba proposal to marry her, but with one condition that he should swear that he would never bring up the origins of his wife as long as he lives. After he sworn, they got married.

A year later, they were blessed with a son who they named Samosir. He was very spoiled by her mother and resulting less well-tempered boy, and lazy. After growing up, her mother ask him to deliver some rice for his father everyday who worked in the farm. However often he refused it.

One day, the boy ordered by his mother again to deliver a rice for his father. At first he refused. However after being forced by her mother finally he went with annoyance to deliver the rice. On the way most of the rice and side dishes he ate. Arriving in the farm, the rest that were only a bit rice that he gave it to his father.

When received it, his father who was feeling very hungry because the rice was delivered late, got mad when he saw the rice that given to him was the remains. His father even more angry when his son admitted that he was who ate most of the rice, and  father became lost patience, and he beat his son and saying: “Son of  bitch!, ungrateful. Really you were a son of women who came from the fish! ”

The boy cried and ran home to meet his mother at home. He complained to his mother that he was beaten by his father. He told all the words spoken by his father. Hearing her son’s story his mother was so sad, especially since her husband had broken his vow. Then she told her son to immediately went up to the hill which is located not so far from their house and climbed the highest tree located on top of the hill. Without asking again, the boy obeyed her mother. He ran toward the hill and climbed it.

As seen by the mother that her son had almost to the top of the tree, she ran towards the river that were not so far away from home. When she arrived at the edge of the river, lightning struck along with thunderous sound. She jumped into the river and suddenly turned into a big fish. At the same time the river was flooding and heavy rain fell. Some time later the river was already overflowed everywhere and the valley and that area gone. Toba could not save himself, he was drowned by a pool of water. More longer stagnant water more widely and turned into a very large lake and later on that place named by the people with the name: “Danau Toba” (Lake Toba).


Toba Lake (Danau Toba) View in the north of Sumatra Island Indonesia

Author : Chmouel, for Wikipedia doc.
Lisensi Dokumentasi Bebas GNU
Creative Commons Atribusi-Berbagi Serupa 3.0 Unported

Toba lake views with Samosir island in the middle.

Lisensi Dokumentasi Bebas GNU from Wikipedia
Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0.


Scenery of Lake Toba


Location of Toba Lake

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Malin Kundang legend from Sumatra island, Indonesia

Malin Kundang folklore tale is one of the legends of Indonesia that you should know, and search for it moral messages. This legend comes from the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Malin Kundang legend tells the story about the child who disobedient  his mother and therefore was cursed became a stone. A form of stone located in “Pantai Air Manis” (Sweet Water beach), Padang, West Sumatra-Indonesia.


Malin Kundang Stone, Pantai Air Manis, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The legend said that Malinkundang was turned to stone after disowning his mother, and his attempt to kneel down and apologize was a bit too late. Source :Flickr : The Legend of Malinkundang - West Sumatra Maker : Makka Kesuma Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic
Malin Kundang Stone, Pantai Air Manis, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia. The legend said that Malinkundang was turned to stone after disowning his mother, and his attempt to kneel down and apologize was a bit too late.
Source : Flickr : The Legend of Malinkundang – West Sumatra
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Malin Kundang lived in the poor fisherman family. Because of poor financial condition, his father decided to make a living overseas, sailed the ocean. Having been left by his father, Malin Kundang lived alone with his mother in their huts. More than 1 year Malin’s father did not return, so his mother had to replace Malin’s father to make a living. Malin was a smart boy but a bit naughty, many times he chased some chickens and hit them by broomstick. One day, when Malin was chasing a chicken he tripped over the stone so that his right arm injured and the wound made a mark.

Feeling sorry for his mother who worked hard to make a living to raise him, Malin decided to go wandered in order to become rich after returning home later . At first Malin Kundang mother not agreed, remembering her husband also never returned after going abroad, but Malin still insisted, so his mother finally gave up and let Malin go, boarded the ship belonged to a merchant. During his stay in the ship Malin Kundang learnt about the science of sailing to the boat crews that has been experienced.

Along the way, all of a sudden Malin Kundang ship was attacked by pirates. All merchandise traders which were on board seized by pirates. Even most of the crew and people on the ship were killed by pirates. Malin Kundang was lucky, he was hiding in a small space covered by the timber so he safe.

Malin Kundang was adrift in the middle of the sea, until finally the ship was stranded at the beach. With energy left, Malin Kundang walked to a nearby village from the beach. He found a very fertile village and started to work there. With his perseverance in work, finally Malin became a wealthy man. He had a lot of merchant ships with men more than a 100 people. Having became rich Malin Kundang got married.

Malin Kundang news that had become rich and married, also known by his mother. She was very grateful and  happy that her son had succeeded. Since then, every day she went to the dock waited for him that might be returned to his hometown.

After a long marriage, Malin and his wife sailed, accompanied by boat crews and a lot of bodyguards. Malin mother saw the arrival of the ship to the dock, she saw two people were standing on the deck. She believed that his son and his wife who were standing there.

She headed toward to the ship and once close enough to him, she saw the scars on his right arm, she more convinced that it was her son and she approached, hugged and asked him : “Malin Kundang, my son, why did you go for so long without sending any news?”. Seeing an old woman dressed up dirty and hugged him, Malin Kundang became angry even though he knew that the old lady was his mother, he was embarrassed if it was known by his wife and his crew.

Got treatment like that from his son, the mother of Malin Kundang was very upset. She did not expect his son can be rebellious child. Because of mounting anger, she cursed his son and said : “Oh God, if he was my son, I curse him become a stone.”

Not long after Malin Kundang back sailed, but in the middle of the trip came a violent storm destroyed his ship. After that Malin Kundang body slowly became stiff and gradually formed became coral reef. Until now Malin Kundang  stone still can be seen at a beach called “Pantai Aia Manih” (Padang language) or “Pantai Air Manis”  (Sweet Water beach), in south of Padang city, West Sumatra.


Scenery of Mount and ocean in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia


Place of the Malin Kundang Stone in Padang

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