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Ghosts in Asian African museum ?

There is a story behind the history of independent building (Gedung Merdeka), where was held the first Asian African Conference. In addition to the history of the world, there are also story of ghosts in that building.

When I visited the museum, I talked a lot to some of security guards in that building, of which they spoke about the horrors of the building. Dutch heritage building as one of Indonesia’s colonial state certainly left a lot of memories. The building which is old and characterized by the Dutch has an amazing stories for me.

They told me that every day they met or saw a lot of the ghosts there. Because the building was Dutch heritage, so the ghosts of foreigners they had seen.

Believe it or not, but all the security guards there had the same experience. I asked some of them, was it true? and whether they were not afraid? They said, yes of course they felt afraid, even till now sometimes, but because every day they see that ghosts, the fear gradually was reduced, only for going to the toilet at night , they will prefer a female toilet, because they said men’s room more terrifying.

I did not ask more details about it, because they also didnt want to tell more detail about it. I could feel the horror in that place, and anyway a lot of ghosts stories in Indonesian society, and many Indonesian people believe in ghosts, just some try to deny it including me, probably because do not want to feel scared by ghost stories and as an Indonesian who believe in God, of course relying on God by prayer, is a powerful way to cope with the fear of mystical things.