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Interesting activity at the “Karinding attack” workshop

It is interesting to take the time to see the students activity at the Karinding Attack workshop and saw how the kids practice there. At this time because of traditional music Karinding already known and developed, especially among young people, many of them who want to learn traditional music. They are free to choose what the song they want, which of course combined with traditional music like played by “Karinding Attack”.

I watched the kids practice at the “Karinding Attack” workshop



Video that I took when the kids practiced 

 Not only young kids, even adults from within country and overseas, as well as band from domestic and abroad want to collaborate with “Karinding Attack”, and they produce a unique tracks.
 Burgerkill Band Feat Karinding Attack and Fadli Padi (one of the domestic popular band vocalist, in Indonesia).


Location Karinding Attack Workshop (Commonroom, Kyai Gede Utama No 8 Bandung West Java Indonesia


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Cool Man from “Karinding Attack”

Me and Man Jasad

Man Jasad is the main figure in Karinding Attack . On the basis of the flow of metal music, he picked up a musical instrument Karinding which then combined with the flow of metal music, making the instrument Karinding (traditional musical instrument) is known to many people, especially among young people.

With some of his students




Karinding Attack is one of the musical group that uses bamboo musical instrument, musical instruments are used, including the Karinding, celempung indung, celempung anak, celempung renteng, khohkol renteng, toleat, suling Padang, suling and goong tiup. From the how they played, although only with bamboo instruments, can make Karinding Attack widely known, particularly among young people in the city of Bandung, and indonesian people.

Karinding Attack is commonly abbreviated as ‘KARAT’ began in 2008, Mang Engkus and Mang U Tun introduced karinding to the community of Karinding Bandung Syndicate (young people), one part of the Ujung Berung Rebels community (in the other area of Bandung), who immediately fell in love with Karinding , because Karinding have a good product design, and the sound is very nice to hear, sound of Karinding makes peaceful sense, good for playing and exploring, free to make a sound with a variety of strange and unique voice.

Karinding Attack is a group that has a vital role in the preservation of Karinding, not just as a musical instrument players, but they have a workshop to introduce these traditional tools. They teach you how Karinding can be something so precious. Each personnel has own role, making the lyrics, music base, making beat-beat groovy, and the arrangements together. The most interesting is the vocals, the exotic soft sounds, with typical Karinding Attack lyrics which are satirize.


Some Photos of “Karinding Attack” personnel





Trailer Recording for the first album of Karinding Attack in September 2010


“Karinding Attack” Personnel practicing


Modern Karinding

Karinding musical instruments, classified as very old, and not too many modern societies are know of this unique thing.Currently Karinding as a traditional musical instrument is combined with contemporary music, such as guitar, and various other modern musical instruments. As a result, Karinding voice and modern musical instruments which are combined, becomes nice to hear, like a percussion instrument which performed by foreign artists. Sundanese young men came as a “heroes” who made the impression of the ancient Karinding become famous and controversial. They are KARINDING ATTACK, a group of young people who combine the purity of the sound of this instrument with a high distorted.This creative idea has revived public curiosity Sundanese culture that is packed with more fresh and interesting to listen to. This group not only show a sharp lyrics and tunes who full of Sundanese cultural values, but the magical element in this music. Karinding Attack personnel doing the recording songs in a very unique place, like one of the songs made in the mountain forest conservation Kareumbi – Masigit. In addition to the limitations of weather and natural disturbances increase the effect of magic in the songs they created. Natural sounds, also seemed accompany every rhythm.


One of the songs from KARINDING ATTACK

“Karinding Attack” feat Peterpan Band (One of the famous Indonesian Band)