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Javanese Souvenirs

Wayang Golek (puppet from Sundanese land, West Java, Indonesia (Various characters from the story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana), made from wood in various sizes.

Wayang Golek in the tube and miniature of gamelan, musical instruments for a puppet show.
Barrier for the book, shaped wayang (Indonesian puppet), made from wood.

Pen-shaped wayang (Indonesian puppet), made from wood.

Indonesian fan made from wood and batik (a traditional cloth which famous on the island of Java, part of Indonesia)

Various sizes and designs fan from Indonesia.

Clock, with a miniature Angklung, in the glass box (angklung is musical instruments from Sundanese land, Indonesia, made from bamboo).

Lamp, with batik motif (cloths from Java Indonesia).

Lamp, created by wood and batik cloths (traditional cloths from Java, Indonesia).

Miniature house that is very interesting, can be ordered with the form of the house, appropriate the buyer wishes, roof made from banana leaves, sand used for the walls and grounds are decorated with live plants around it. Maintenance of live plants with just a little spray of water, once a week, in order not to decay or damage the entire home decorating.

Miniature house can be light with a small lights put in it

Miniature castle, explanation almost the same as a miniature the house, just a different plant, the plant that is used is ivy that can grow and cover up the castle.

Traditional bracelets from the island of Java Indonesia, made from wood.

Various shades of bracelets with a medium-size.

Various shades of bracelets with a smaller-size.

Bracelets from Borneo of Agate Stone (Akik)

In Kalimantan (Borneo) are many mines for stone. One of these stones is Agate stone, which is used for many kinds of bracelets and necklaces. It is found in many different colors, so the color is not a typical property for that stone. Agate stone is a hard material and is stable against acid, therefore jewellery of it is easy to handle and isn’t very damagable. Jewellry of Agate Stone is made in many various color-combinations. Like other natural materials it looks very smooth and has special character, depending on the current light the color maybe recognized different.
The size and shape of Agate Stones isn’t restricted to small stones like on the following picture with the bracelets we offer. But it depends on individual founds and can reach heavy weight. Some stones are marbled very clear and therefore have a special character,
On the page of wikipedia are many pictures of Agate Stone:
What is Agate Stone? (from Wikipedia).