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Modern Karinding

Karinding musical instruments, classified as very old, and not too many modern societies are know of this unique thing.Currently Karinding as a traditional musical instrument is combined with contemporary music, such as guitar, and various other modern musical instruments. As a result, Karinding voice and modern musical instruments which are combined, becomes nice to hear, like a percussion instrument which performed by foreign artists. Sundanese young men came as a “heroes” who made the impression of the ancient Karinding become famous and controversial. They are KARINDING ATTACK, a group of young people who combine the purity of the sound of this instrument with a high distorted.This creative idea has revived public curiosity Sundanese culture that is packed with more fresh and interesting to listen to. This group not only show a sharp lyrics and tunes who full of Sundanese cultural values, but the magical element in this music. Karinding Attack personnel doing the recording songs in a very unique place, like one of the songs made in the mountain forest conservation Kareumbi – Masigit. In addition to the limitations of weather and natural disturbances increase the effect of magic in the songs they created. Natural sounds, also seemed accompany every rhythm.


One of the songs from KARINDING ATTACK

“Karinding Attack” feat Peterpan Band (One of the famous Indonesian Band)