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“Tanah Lot” One of the Fantastic places in Bali, Indonesia

Tanah Lot is one of the famous sights on the island of Bali,  located in the Village Beraban, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency. The distance is about 13 km to the west of the city of Tabanan. From Ngurah Rai airport can be reached in less than 1 hours drive.


Temple on the big rock in the middle of the sea
Photographer : Anton Raharja


Temple on the big rock was behind me


Tanah Lot is a tourist attraction in Bali that offers the natural beauty of the sunset. The uniqueness of Pura Tanah Lot is that the place is located in the middle of the sea about 300 meters from the beach which also there is the large rock with a large cave in the middle of it.


The Cave in the middle of the rock


The Cave, also the place  for Hindu religious ceremony, worship to the guardians God of the sea.


Here there are two temples located at the top of the large rock. One is located at the top of the boulder which, when the tide is high the temple will be seen surrounded by sea water and the other one is located on the north on the top of the cliff, jutting into the sea. This cliff becomes a liaison between the temple in the middle of the sea and the mainland which is shaped like a curved bridge.

Pura (Temple) Tanah Lot as a temple in the middle of the sea is the worship place to the guardian gods of  the sea. Usually visitors will come in the afternoon to see the beautiful sunset.


On the rock, at Tanah lot location


Tanah Lot is derived from  the word “Tanah” that is interpreted as the land, and “Lot” means the sea. So Tanah Lot interpreted as the land that is in the middle of the sea. Pura Tanah Lot was founded in the 15th century by a Hindus priest named Nirartha from the Kingdom of Majapahit (on Java Island) on his way to spread the Hindu religion from the land of Java in the 16th century. Before giving the instructions to set up a temple in this place, he felt the vibrations of purity and obtained spiritual perfection.

According to the Legend, Danghyang Nirartha who successfully strengthened the confidence of the local community about the teachings of Hinduism, the sacred leader in that place named Bendesa Beraban felt threatened because many of his followers became followers of Danghyang Nirarta. Then Bendesa ordered Danghyang Nirartha to leave Tanah Lot.

He agreed but before leaving the Tanah Lot, with all his strength he moved the stone blocks to the middle of the beach and built the temples there. He also changed his scarf into a snake as a temple guardians. The snakes are still exist to this day and they are species of sea snakes that have a characteristic flat tail like a fish, striped black and yellow color. Bendesa Beraban was amazed and later became followers of Danghyang Nirartha.

In some small tunnels in the vicinity of the barrier reef of Pura Tanah Lot are places where the striped snakes that are benign are located and trusted by society as the guardian of the temple. Around the temple there are freshwater springs which can be seen during low tide. The existence of the spring water had been a major consideration when this place was chosen as the location of the temple.


Beautiful Scenery of Tanah Lot
Photographer : Anton Raharja


Tanah Lot currently is managed professionally, equipped with various facilities. Entrance fee includes accident insurance and for every vehicle that enters the Tanah Lot location, accident insurance is directly covered by the pay parking fees.



Beautiful Sunset of Tanah Lot Bali


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Megalithic Gunung Padang Site (Mount Padang), in Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

Archaeological sites in the district of Gunung Padang (Mount Padang) Cianjur Regency not everyone knows. In fact, these megalithic sites, with an area of 3 ha, claimed to be the largest megalithic sites in Southeast Asia. Certainly very unfortunate if we did not know it. Cianjur Regency want to make this site as a flagship tourist destination as well as education.

To reach the site, only jeeps and similar vehicles and motorcycles which can continue up to the location of the site. Gunung Padang sites located on top of a the hill, to reach from the base must climb a steep staircase, 95 meters high, made from andesite rocks pillars which laid nearly 400 stairs.

The view over the entire hill and building of megalithic sites is amazing. In the yard of megalithic sites, the visitors will listen to the explanations from tourists guide about this site from a variety of scientific approaches, also look at of thousands andesite stones which formed the pillars, four-or five-sided arranged in such a way as to various functions.

All megalithic buildings around the world built in prehistoric times (eg: Egyptian pyramids and  Stonehenge in England, Wikipedia).

This site estimated as an ancient cemetery. The existence of this site then reported back to the local government cultural overseers by local residents. Since then, the site has been examined in considerable depth while still leaves a variety of archaeological controversy. Archaeologists agree that the site is not a cemetery as stated by Krom (1914), that just mentioned that the site was estimated as an ancient tomb, but a place of worship.

Gunung Padang is the site located in an area geologically that have a quite active earthquake, not far from section Cimandiri, which stretches from the Gulf Pelabuhan Ratu, up to about Padalarang (districts in West Bandung regency, West Java province). If there is activation from the geological forces around the Gulf  of Pelabuhan Ratu, South of West Java, then it often becomes a mediator of shocking quake.

Some of the toppled and broken menhir in area of the site and is projected to cause earthquakes. In relation to worship, this site can be built for that purpose, so that people are protected from earthquake or volcanic sources that are not far from Mount Padang. Mount Gede occupied a very strong geomantic position for the Site of Mount Padang. Mount Padang site was built to be oriented entirely to Mount Gede.


Scenery of Mount Padang
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Mount Padang Site
Author : Mohammad Fadli
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Megalithic Site Mount Padang


Location on the map

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Magic stone from Minang land, in the city of Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Magic stone that is located in the area of Batu Sangkar, Padang, West Sumatra has been famous because of its uniqueness. Magic Stone is called Batu Angke by residents of that area. The stone is special because often changes its weight. 

Tourism Angke stone, located in District Batu Sangkar River, about three hours drive from city of Padang. Apparently the magic stone has started visited by tourists since 100 years ago. During that time, seven generation keeping this unique heritage.

Batu Angke can be so heavy or it can be very light such as cotton, appropriate the belief of people who lifting it. It is said that there is magical powers in it. In the language of Minang, Angke-Angke means “lift”, so Batu Angke means stone that lifted.

Reading prayer is the rule before lifting the stone. Many from visitors exhausted because this stone can weigh up to hundreds of pounds on their hands. In order to lift the stone is free of charge, only for buying souvenir charged 1$.


Magic Stone


Not everyone can lift it, even men.


Woman who is maintain the location of Magic Stone, can be easily lift it.

Legend of Hanging Rock (Batu Gantung), Parapat city legend in North Sumatra, Indonesia

Once upon a time, in ancient times, in a small village on the shores of Lake Toba, there lived a husband and wife with a beautiful daughter named Seruni. Addition to beautiful, Seruni also a diligent girl because she always helped her parents when they were working in farm that were used for daily living needs.

One day Seruni should work in the farm by herself because her parents had something to do in the neighboring village. She was only accompanied by her dog, named Toki. Arriving at the farm  Seruni just sat pensively, looking at the natural beauty of Lake Toba, while the dog sat beside her, stared at mistress’s face, who looked like moody. Occasionally the dogs barked to distract Seruni attention if there was anything suspicious in the surrounding farm.

Actually, these days Seruni always seemed sad. This was because her father will set her up with a young man who was her own cousin. In fact, she had a relationship with a young man in her village and had also promised to marry him. This situation made her confused, no idea what to do and began to despair. In one hand she did not want to disappoint her parents, but the other hand she was unable to separate with her lover.

After considered for a moment and could not decide anything, Seruni got up from where she sat and with tears in her eyes, she walked slowly toward to the Lake Toba. Seemed she wanted to end her life by jumping into the Lake. While Toki which also followed her into the lake only could bark because didn’t not know what was going on in the mind of Seruni.

While walking toward the cliff on the edge of Lake Toba, she suddenly fell into the hole of big stone until to the bottom. It was very dark, she became frightened and cried for help to her beloved dog, but Toki only a dog, he could not do anything except barking around the mouth of the hole. Finally she became hopeless and said to herself, “Ah, I’d rather die.”.
After said that, for some reason the walls of the hole began to close. “Parapat …! Parapat rock! “, Seruni shouted to make the stone wall more closer and squeezed her body. (Parapat in their language is move closer).

Seeing the incident, Toki ran to the house to ask for help. When he got home, immediately he ran to  Seruni parents who were already at home. Barking, scratching the ground and pacing around his master, Toki tried to tell them that Seruni was in danger.

Aware of what was signaled by the dog, the parents soon went to the farm. Both ran after Toki to the edge of the hole where their daughter fell. When Seruni father heard her screams from the hole, the mother immediately made a torch, because it was already evening and dark, while the father ran back to the village to ask for help from the neighbors.
When the helpers arrived at the farm, with tears Seruni mother said to her husband, “The hole was too deep and dark. I just heard the faint sound of our daughter who said : Parapat, Parapat stone … ”

Several times they shouted, calling  Seruni, but they did not get a response from her. Only Seruni voice which faint ordered the stone around her to move closer. Residents tried to help by holding out the rope to the bottom of the hole, but not at all touched or held by her. Felt worried, father decided to go into the hole, but his wife forbid him, because the hole was very deep and dangerous.

Suddenly there was a roar, and the strong shaking, making the hole slowly closed. Seruni which trapped in the hole could not be saved.

Some time after the shaking stopped, above the hole that had closed, there was a large rock that resembled to girl body which seemed hanging on the wall of the cliff on the shores of Lake Toba. People who saw the incident believed that the stone was the manifestation from Seruni, and later named it as “Hanging Rock”.

Because the last words of Seruni which were heard by residents only “Parapat, Parapat, and Parapat”, then the area around of Hanging Rock was named Parapat. Parapat now had transformed into a tourist destination city in the North Sumatra Province.


Hanging Rock in North Sumatra Indonesia


View on Parapat from Island in Lake Toba,
Author: BesselDekker, License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported


Parapat harbor, Lake Toba, North Sumatra-Indonesia
Author : Nomo Michael Hoefner
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