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Indonesian Ghosts and mysterious creatures

The existence of ghosts is believed by many people, although only a few admitted directly had seen a ghost. The existence of ghosts become pro and contra in many countries. Some scientists think the ghost is just an illusion or delusion that they believe in it, while most other scientists trying to prove scientifically the existence of substances contained in the ghost. Ghosts generally refers to the spirits or souls who leave the body because of death. The definition of a ghost in general different for each religion, civilization, and customs. (Ghost in wikipedia). Many ghost stories in Indonesia and some people said that the ghosts in Indonesia are more terrifying than the ghosts from other countries. I will introduce some of them to the reader.

1. Pocong. Pocong ghosts or demons are described wearing a white burial shroud and that demon has a ugly face. Pocong information from Wikipedia.

The Appearance of Pocong

2. Kuntilanak, Kuntilanak is already familiar among the Indonesian society, each occurrence of this figure is always described wearing a long white dress, a cold stare, with a pale face. Kuntilanak or Pontianak (folklore) from Wikipedia.

Appearance of kuntilanak, which was captured by the camera from tv crew, after finished shooting one of the tv shows

3. Sundel bolong  (Perforated Whore Ghost) is the ghost of a woman who has a hole on her back, while kuntilanak doesnt have it. The difference that can distinguish between the two spirits are in appearance, they are both nearly the same, wearing a long white dress. Sundel Bolong  is callgirl or a whore, who died in pregnancy and delivered birth the baby in the grave. That ghost is going to get revenge on people who raped her, and according to the story, often Sundel Bolong will also try to steal newborn baby because she wanted a baby to replace her baby who was dead in the grave. Sundel Bolong from wikipedia.

4. Genderuwa is the myth from Java, about the kind of the spirits in the form of an ape-like man who was big and muscular with a reddish black color, covered in thick hair growing all over his body. Genderuwa most widely known in community on the island of Java, Indonesia. Sundanese people call it “Gandaruwo” and the Javanese are generally called “Gendruwo” and to find out more clearly : Genderuwo from Indonesian Wikipedia.

The real appearances of Genderuwo?

5. Tuyul, Tuyul is the mini-bodied spirit and bald. Tuyul is an ethereal being, derived from aborted fetuses or babies who died at birth. More about Tuyul from Wikipedia`

In the video above, the shaman explained that he had arrested several tuyul, which was disturbing  public. Tuyul-tuyul was inserted into the bottle and later on they will be removed to the place which far away. As be seen, we did not see anything in the bottles, but from some camera mobile who took the pictures of them, can be seen tuyul figure that looks like a fetus.

6. Jenglot. Jenglot is a mysterious creature from Indonesia. Jenglot phenomenon spread in the Indonesian community since 1997. Jenglot is an object / small humanoid creature, with a body no more than 15 cm, long hair which is sparse and stiff through the legs, and have the long nails. More information about Jenglot from Wikipedia.

In the video above was reported by one television station about the arrested of jenglot alive in Situbondo, East Java. Religious islamic teacher (Ustadz) who caught that creature believed that the animals which many died in a couple months in that area were not because of bat bites as people there thought.

The Ustadz along with other catcher must perform ritual ceremonies, such as meditation before successfully Jenglot can be caught. Armed with the prayer they made it, but it was not explained where and how the Ustadz  and his colleagues managed to catch it. After being fed with fresh chicken blood, Jenglot died 2 days later. Until now it’s not known who is the owner of that Jenglot.

7. Babi ngepet. Babi ngepet is one way of seeking the wealth by using black magic, resembling or shaped wild pigs. In Indonesia, especially in the areas of Java island, often heard the news that the number of residents in certain areas lost the money, jewelry with a sudden, and will be seen the appearance of the wild pigs figure in the evening.

They do a very serious meditation and sacrifice one’s life, usually their loved one, children, parents or people around him which have blood relations. Furthermore, when they did the practice of black magic, the person will give the body and soul to the devil to turn into the wild pigs in a certain period. About Babi Ngepet from Wikipedia.

 The Movie about babi ngepet based on true story

Ghosts in Asian African museum ?

There is a story behind the history of independent building (Gedung Merdeka), where was held the first Asian African Conference. In addition to the history of the world, there are also story of ghosts in that building.

When I visited the museum, I talked a lot to some of security guards in that building, of which they spoke about the horrors of the building. Dutch heritage building as one of Indonesia’s colonial state certainly left a lot of memories. The building which is old and characterized by the Dutch has an amazing stories for me.

They told me that every day they met or saw a lot of the ghosts there. Because the building was Dutch heritage, so the ghosts of foreigners they had seen.

Believe it or not, but all the security guards there had the same experience. I asked some of them, was it true? and whether they were not afraid? They said, yes of course they felt afraid, even till now sometimes, but because every day they see that ghosts, the fear gradually was reduced, only for going to the toilet at night , they will prefer a female toilet, because they said men’s room more terrifying.

I did not ask more details about it, because they also didnt want to tell more detail about it. I could feel the horror in that place, and anyway a lot of ghosts stories in Indonesian society, and many Indonesian people believe in ghosts, just some try to deny it including me, probably because do not want to feel scared by ghost stories and as an Indonesian who believe in God, of course relying on God by prayer, is a powerful way to cope with the fear of mystical things.