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Cool Man from “Karinding Attack”

Me and Man Jasad

Man Jasad is the main figure in Karinding Attack . On the basis of the flow of metal music, he picked up a musical instrument Karinding which then combined with the flow of metal music, making the instrument Karinding (traditional musical instrument) is known to many people, especially among young people.

With some of his students



Traditional instruments that are used by Karinding Attack

 Single Bamboo Celempung (Zither)


Bamboo zither (Traditional Hit Musical Instruments). Zither is a traditional musical instrument from West Java, which is unknown from where and when the instrument was created.

Zither itself is a musical instrument made from bamboo that utilizes resonant wave is in the segment of bamboo. Currently bamboo zither is still used and maintained in the Village District Narimbang Conggeang Sumedang District.

The bat instrument can be also from wood, the edges are given a cloth or a thin object that produces a loud sound. There are two ways to play, 1) hit/beat, whistle beat the groove are alternately depends on the rhythm and the sound of music player. 2) the processing of the sounds. Left hand to process the sounds by adjust the size of the air which out from the body zither. If you want high sound, hole opened larger, lower sound can be made by closed the hole.


Celempung Renteng (Zither jointly and severally)

Celempung (Zither) in a row until 5-6, at present can be reach up to 12 pieces zither with different characteristics. Diatonisnya the voices can be “do-re-mi-fa-so-la-si-do”. How to play it is, by beat it.


Kohkol (Drum)


Another form of the kohkol 

Kohkol, made of bamboo or wood that is cut, then in the middle the hole is created, so that when beaten could cause a loud noise. Its size varies, but still elliptic, beaten by bat, so it can create a nice sound. Kohkol shaped like this, used for the the performing arts of Sundanese.

Kohkol and celempung shaped nearly the same, but creation, function and the sound different.


Toleat (Flute)

Toleat wind instruments (single Aerophon ritz) and traditional musical instruments from traditions Pamanukan, Subang regency of West Java. Toleat can be combined by other traditional instruments, for the various performances in the land of Sundanese.


Gong Tiup 

Is made from bambo, with beautiful coloring, Looks like horn, how to play it is blow it out, and produces the sound of bass. The sound is deep and vibrating like a degeridoo. About musical options of both instruments we don’t know very much so this description maybe only useful as a raw description of the sound.



Is made from bamboo, we call it low brass sexion, similar to the instrument played by the Aboriginal Australia.


Karinding Toel (Touched Karinding)

is made from bamboo, how to play it is by blow it out and touch it.

Karinding biasa (Common Karinding)

is made from bamboo, the way play it by blow and hit it.



is made from bamboo, how to play it is only by blow it out and produces the sound of birds.



Serunai ( Serunai on Wikipedia)  is a traditional wind musical instrument from Minang part of West Sumatera Indonesia (About Minang on Wikipedia).


 The Sound of Serunai



Saluang a wind instrument developed in Minangkabau. Made from a selection of pieces of bamboo trees. The shape is similar to the flute, bamboo piece ends is not closed like a flute in general, end and base were several holes perforated and usually there are 4 holes. The instrument can produce sound by blowing on the edge or corner of the upper cavity and requires special training in order to make a sound typical Saluang, the nuances of dark, mysterious and gothic. About Saluang on Wikipedia


The sound of some instruments can be heard in this video


“Karinding Attack” personnel in practicing


Karinding Attack is one of the musical group that uses bamboo musical instrument, musical instruments are used, including the Karinding, celempung indung, celempung anak, celempung renteng, khohkol renteng, toleat, suling Padang, suling and goong tiup. From the how they played, although only with bamboo instruments, can make Karinding Attack widely known, particularly among young people in the city of Bandung, and indonesian people.

Karinding Attack is commonly abbreviated as ‘KARAT’ began in 2008, Mang Engkus and Mang U Tun introduced karinding to the community of Karinding Bandung Syndicate (young people), one part of the Ujung Berung Rebels community (in the other area of Bandung), who immediately fell in love with Karinding , because Karinding have a good product design, and the sound is very nice to hear, sound of Karinding makes peaceful sense, good for playing and exploring, free to make a sound with a variety of strange and unique voice.

Karinding Attack is a group that has a vital role in the preservation of Karinding, not just as a musical instrument players, but they have a workshop to introduce these traditional tools. They teach you how Karinding can be something so precious. Each personnel has own role, making the lyrics, music base, making beat-beat groovy, and the arrangements together. The most interesting is the vocals, the exotic soft sounds, with typical Karinding Attack lyrics which are satirize.


Some Photos of “Karinding Attack” personnel





Trailer Recording for the first album of Karinding Attack in September 2010


“Karinding Attack” Personnel practicing


Traditional musical instrument “KARINDING”, what is Karinding?

Karinding is a Sundanese traditional musical instrument. Originally, the Karinding is used as a tool to ward off pests by farmers in the rice field. Karinding generally made from bamboo, in some places made of palm midrib and metal. How to play are placed in the mouth and then pounded or vibrated  the rope ends. Vibration between the Karinding and mouth combined with the air from the mouth produces sounds not common. Karinding standard size is 10 length cm and 2 cm width. Now Karinding can be called a musical instrument because it produces a unique sound.



A brief description of Karinding (Wikipedia)

The Sound of Karinding
Traditional Music Instrument from West Java – Indonesia
Player : Mang Udung