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The Magnificence of Mount Bromo in Java Island

As one of the most beautiful mountain in the island of Java, Mount Bromo is so crowded with tourists. There, you can see the desert that is so exotic, cool mountain atmosphere with a thick fog, a beautiful crater and sunrise views that so stunning.


The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes. Source : Thomas Hirsch Author : Thomas Hirsch  GNU Free Documentation License
The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes.
Source : Thomas Hirsch
Author : Thomas Hirsch
GNU Free Documentation License


Bromo name is taken from the word Brahma, the supreme god of Hindus. Mount Bromo is a volcano that still active and a very famous as a tourist attraction in Indonesia. Bromo has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level, and is located in 4 regions in East Java, namely, Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang.

Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of about 800 meters (north-south) and approximately 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area, a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo.

Bromo incorporated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) which includes Mount Bromo. TNBTS also includes Tengger tribe villages and the highest mountain in the island of Java, Mount Semeru.

If you come during the summer, you can see the sunrise and views of the mountains that wide stretches in the bright weather. The best time to come to Bromo is around the month of June to October.

Mount Bromo physical shape mesh between valleys and canyons with a caldera or a sea of ??sand, covering an area of ??10 square kilometers and there is a temple in the middle. To reach the crater of Mount Bromo and sea sand is not easy. If  not strong enough to climb by foot, we can rent horses with the price Rp 70,000 (7$).


Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.  Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar GNU Free Documentation License.
Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.
Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar
GNU Free Documentation License.


After that we had to climb 250 stairs, but do not worry, all the tiredness will pay off when it reached the peak. Seeing the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo that secrete smoke and vast desert while waiting for the sunrise if we climb at dawn would look so beautiful. Moreover natural phenomenon Bromo is constantly extraordinary changing.

Once a year, Tengger residents of Bromo mountain, do Kasodo ceremony. The ceremony was held at the temple is located at the northern foot of Mount Bromo and continues up to the top of the mountain. Ceremony is held  every full moon on the 14th or 15 months Kasodo (tenth) according to the Javanese calendar.

Prepare enough warm clothes and head cap much needed to reduce the cold temperatures, considering the temperature there can reach 0 degrees Celsius.


Bromo eruption Source : Surabaya.detik.com
Bromo eruption
Source : Surabaya.detik.com


Even several times mount Bromo is erupted, the Center for Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center said people on the mountain slopes are safe and do not need to evacuate.

Mount Bromo has different characteristics to other volcanoes. This mountain has a low volcanic, would only issue a sands and ashes.


Mount Bromo Eruption


Legend of Mount Bromo

Ancient legend said there was a girl that lived in the affluent village near Mount Bromo, her name is Rara Anteng. She’s very pretty, friendly, humble, and diligent. She married a young man, Jaka Seger.

Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng were happy couple but they did not have a child. Therefore they pray to God. Soon an old man appeared and said, “you will have twenty-five children, but you have to sacrifice your son most small / young”.

Several months later Rara Anteng given gift of a baby. They were very happy. After a few years they  had twenty-five children. The youngest named Warih Kusuma.

One night Jaka Seger remember the message of the old man and talk to his wife. After that they head into the crater of Mount Bromo to pray to God because they can not sacrifice Warih Kusuma. Instantly the sky became dark and they heard the sound of thunder. They ran away from the crater.

Once the lightning had subsided, Warih Kusuma disappeared. They heard the sound of Warih Kusuma from inside crater, “Please let me go, but  give offerings every year”.

Finally Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng let Warih Kusuma go. Tengger name is taken from Jaka Tengger and Rara Anteng , since then Tengger residents always presents of livestock and agricultural produce at the Kasodo ceremony.


Bromo Mountain


Location of Mount Bromo

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Romance Island and Love Stone (Situ Patenggang Lake) in the area of tea plantations, Rancabali, West Java, Indonesia

Tea plantation Rancabali is stood at the height of 1628 meters above the sea level with a unique natural landscape of hills and winding tea plantations. Tea Plantation is located in the Patengan Village, Rancabali district, southern part of Bandung regency, not far from the tourist attraction White crater. Rancabali plantations had been established since 1870.

Expanse of the tea trees are neatly trimmed with a very cold air to give the unusual impression for the visitors. Rancabali village communities are still running the traditional lifestyle with a daily processing of two major commodities, tea and cinchona. Environmental tea plantation, factory, and simple Villagers life free from pollution.


Villager at the tea plantation


Tea plantations looks very beautiful and charming. The location right beside the road, which generally are in a position lower than a side road and the arrangement that is tightly, make these plantations as a fresh green carpet rugs with a cool atmosphere, beautiful and peaceful.


Beautiful Scenery of Tea Plantation location


Me at rancabali tea plantation


Rancabali Tea Plantation



There are also plant visit tour packages, for those who are interested to visit the tea factory in Rancabali. You will gain knowledge about the process of planting, breeding, land clearing, maintaining, picking cuts until tea processing.


Tea Plants in Patenggang lake area


The beauty of the green tea plantations integrated with a small waterfall at the edge of the terrace tree plants, located on the right road to the other tourist attractions, namely Situ Patenggang  (Patenggang Lake).

Situ Patenggang (or often called Situ patengan) is a beautiful lake located in the area of tea plantations in Ciwidey, West Java. You can feel the serenity and feel the cool mountain air that blows. Once, this area had been a nature reserve or national park, but in 1981 had officially turned into a tourist park.

To enjoy this attraction there are boat facilities that can be rented to go around to the small island that is in the middle of the lake that named Sasuka Island (Romance Island) . This island looks shady with many high trees that grow in it. While across the lake there is a pretty interesting location namely Love Stone.

Romance Island, and Love Stone are a tourist destination. According to the story, anyone that comes to the those area, and surround the Romance island will have a lasting love. This also might make the Love Stone, and Romance Island become a place that make curiousity of the tourists.


Legend of Situ Patenggang (Patenggang Lake)


The Legend story of love stone


The area has a legend or myth that tells about son of the king, and daughter of the goddess incarnations (Goddess Rengganis) that separated for a long time because of circumstances. Their tears formed a lake. Due to that, the lake was named “Situ Patenggang” (Patenggang Lake), which was taken from the word “pateangan-teangan” comes from the Sundanese language, that means looking to each other.

In the end they can be reunited in a place where there was a large stone, and that later, the stone was named Love Stone. Goddess Rengganis then asked her lover to make a lake and a boat for sailing. This island that until then had been a heart-shaped island, Sasaka Island (Island of romance).

It is said that anyone that ever been to that location with the lover, then their love will be eternal.


Amazing Scenery of Situ Patenggang (Patenggang Lake)
West Java-Indonesia


Small island in the middle of the lake “Sasuka Island” (Romance island)


Beautiful Nature!


Love Stone in Patenggang Lake


Boat that can be rented


The Scenery of Patenggang Lake from Love Stone Location


Me at The Love Stone location



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The beauty and Legend of Kawah Putih (White Crater) in Western Java, Indonesia

Kawah Putih  (White Crater)  is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha in West Java Indonesia.


White Crater location map in The south of Bandung, West Java


Beautiful White Crater lake


Plant on the lake of White crater


Smoke that comes out of the lake


Patuha, regarded by the Ciwidey society as the oldest mountain. The word “Patuha” is reputedly derived from the word, old man (sepuh), and so the local society called it by the name of  Mount Sepuh. More than a century ago Mount Patuha  was considered haunted , so that no one dared to go and therefore the existence and the beauty of the mountain unknow by the peoples.


The legend story of white crater in a large frame at the white crater location


According to historical records, Patuha volcano had erupted in the tenth century, causing a terrible crater next to the top of the West. In the twelfth century, the crater on the left also erupted, which then formed a beautiful lake.

In 1837, a Dutchman of German descent named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809-1864), traveled to the south of Bandung area. When he arrived in the area Junghuhn felt the atmosphere was very quiet and deserted, lacking in wildlife. Then he asked about this phenomena to the local community, and he got the information that the mountain was very scary , because it was where the ancestors lived, and the kingdom of the jinn (devil). Therefore if there was a bird that dare to fly over the area, it will fall and die.

However, the Dutchman not a believer in the folklore, continued his journey through the wilderness on the mountain to prove the occurrence of what actually happened in that area, but before getting to the top of the mountain, Junghuhn stunned, admiring  the natural charm, which was so beautiful in front of him, lay a large lake, with a greenish white water. From the lake, a stinging smell of sulfur is apparent, so it was clear why the birds would not fly across.

After everything was clear, the mine of white crater sulfur was established  (Zwavel Ontgining, White Crater). In the era of Japan’s occupation, efforts continued with the title “White crater Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey” directly under military supervision.

According to Abah kuncen Karna who at this time is more or less 105 years old at the time of writing this article and living in the village of Sand Hoe, Village Sugih Mukti, said that in white crater there lays the tomb of the ancestors.

One of the top of Patuha mountain peaks, Kapak mountain is trusted as the meeting place of the ancestors. In this place, sometimes society saw (by supernatural means) a bunch of fluffy white sheep, which is believed to be a manifestation of the ancestors.

The natural scenery around the white crater is quite beautiful, with the greenish-white water contrasting with the limestone that surrounds the lake. In the north of the lake stand upright cliffs of gray limestone, which is overgrown with moss and other plants.


The cliff in white crater, which is filled with plants


White Crater Lake and cliff around it


Franz Wilhelm Jungjuhn had long died, but his discovery which is known by the name Kawah Putih (White crater) is still fascinating until now.


Fog coming


A very amazing scenery!


Really beautiful lake in the White Crater


In the area of  White crater lake there is a cave, heritage from the Dutch colonial era. In front of the cave there is a warning for not to be long  in the front of the cave. The logical reason is because the gas issue of the cave which is certainly related to the sulfur content in that area that could cause people poisoning by that gas.


The cave heritage from the Dutch colonial


Short time in the front of the cave 🙂


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