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The Magnificence of Mount Bromo in Java Island

As one of the most beautiful mountain in the island of Java, Mount Bromo is so crowded with tourists. There, you can see the desert that is so exotic, cool mountain atmosphere with a thick fog, a beautiful crater and sunrise views that so stunning.


The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes. Source : Thomas Hirsch Author : Thomas Hirsch  GNU Free Documentation License
The Tengger massif in Java, Indonesia, at sunrise, showing the volcanoes Mt. Bromo (large crater, smoking) and Mt. Semeru (background, smoking). The early morning fog surrounds the peaks, covering a plain of finest volcanic ashes.
Source : Thomas Hirsch
Author : Thomas Hirsch
GNU Free Documentation License


Bromo name is taken from the word Brahma, the supreme god of Hindus. Mount Bromo is a volcano that still active and a very famous as a tourist attraction in Indonesia. Bromo has a height of 2,392 meters above sea level, and is located in 4 regions in East Java, namely, Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang.

Mount Bromo has a crater with a diameter of about 800 meters (north-south) and approximately 600 meters (east-west). While the danger area, a circle with a radius of 4 km from the central crater of Bromo.

Bromo incorporated in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) which includes Mount Bromo. TNBTS also includes Tengger tribe villages and the highest mountain in the island of Java, Mount Semeru.

If you come during the summer, you can see the sunrise and views of the mountains that wide stretches in the bright weather. The best time to come to Bromo is around the month of June to October.

Mount Bromo physical shape mesh between valleys and canyons with a caldera or a sea of ??sand, covering an area of ??10 square kilometers and there is a temple in the middle. To reach the crater of Mount Bromo and sea sand is not easy. If  not strong enough to climb by foot, we can rent horses with the price Rp 70,000 (7$).


Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.  Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar GNU Free Documentation License.
Walking on the edge of Gunung Bromo volcano.
Author : Harri J from Doha ??????, Qatar
GNU Free Documentation License.


After that we had to climb 250 stairs, but do not worry, all the tiredness will pay off when it reached the peak. Seeing the beauty of the crater of Mount Bromo that secrete smoke and vast desert while waiting for the sunrise if we climb at dawn would look so beautiful. Moreover natural phenomenon Bromo is constantly extraordinary changing.

Once a year, Tengger residents of Bromo mountain, do Kasodo ceremony. The ceremony was held at the temple is located at the northern foot of Mount Bromo and continues up to the top of the mountain. Ceremony is held  every full moon on the 14th or 15 months Kasodo (tenth) according to the Javanese calendar.

Prepare enough warm clothes and head cap much needed to reduce the cold temperatures, considering the temperature there can reach 0 degrees Celsius.


Bromo eruption Source : Surabaya.detik.com
Bromo eruption
Source : Surabaya.detik.com


Even several times mount Bromo is erupted, the Center for Volcanic and Geological Disaster Mitigation Center said people on the mountain slopes are safe and do not need to evacuate.

Mount Bromo has different characteristics to other volcanoes. This mountain has a low volcanic, would only issue a sands and ashes.


Mount Bromo Eruption


Legend of Mount Bromo

Ancient legend said there was a girl that lived in the affluent village near Mount Bromo, her name is Rara Anteng. She’s very pretty, friendly, humble, and diligent. She married a young man, Jaka Seger.

Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng were happy couple but they did not have a child. Therefore they pray to God. Soon an old man appeared and said, “you will have twenty-five children, but you have to sacrifice your son most small / young”.

Several months later Rara Anteng given gift of a baby. They were very happy. After a few years they  had twenty-five children. The youngest named Warih Kusuma.

One night Jaka Seger remember the message of the old man and talk to his wife. After that they head into the crater of Mount Bromo to pray to God because they can not sacrifice Warih Kusuma. Instantly the sky became dark and they heard the sound of thunder. They ran away from the crater.

Once the lightning had subsided, Warih Kusuma disappeared. They heard the sound of Warih Kusuma from inside crater, “Please let me go, but  give offerings every year”.

Finally Jaka Seger and Rara Anteng let Warih Kusuma go. Tengger name is taken from Jaka Tengger and Rara Anteng , since then Tengger residents always presents of livestock and agricultural produce at the Kasodo ceremony.


Bromo Mountain


Location of Mount Bromo

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Megalithic Gunung Padang Site (Mount Padang), in Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

Archaeological sites in the district of Gunung Padang (Mount Padang) Cianjur Regency not everyone knows. In fact, these megalithic sites, with an area of 3 ha, claimed to be the largest megalithic sites in Southeast Asia. Certainly very unfortunate if we did not know it. Cianjur Regency want to make this site as a flagship tourist destination as well as education.

To reach the site, only jeeps and similar vehicles and motorcycles which can continue up to the location of the site. Gunung Padang sites located on top of a the hill, to reach from the base must climb a steep staircase, 95 meters high, made from andesite rocks pillars which laid nearly 400 stairs.

The view over the entire hill and building of megalithic sites is amazing. In the yard of megalithic sites, the visitors will listen to the explanations from tourists guide about this site from a variety of scientific approaches, also look at of thousands andesite stones which formed the pillars, four-or five-sided arranged in such a way as to various functions.

All megalithic buildings around the world built in prehistoric times (eg: Egyptian pyramids and  Stonehenge in England, Wikipedia).

This site estimated as an ancient cemetery. The existence of this site then reported back to the local government cultural overseers by local residents. Since then, the site has been examined in considerable depth while still leaves a variety of archaeological controversy. Archaeologists agree that the site is not a cemetery as stated by Krom (1914), that just mentioned that the site was estimated as an ancient tomb, but a place of worship.

Gunung Padang is the site located in an area geologically that have a quite active earthquake, not far from section Cimandiri, which stretches from the Gulf Pelabuhan Ratu, up to about Padalarang (districts in West Bandung regency, West Java province). If there is activation from the geological forces around the Gulf  of Pelabuhan Ratu, South of West Java, then it often becomes a mediator of shocking quake.

Some of the toppled and broken menhir in area of the site and is projected to cause earthquakes. In relation to worship, this site can be built for that purpose, so that people are protected from earthquake or volcanic sources that are not far from Mount Padang. Mount Gede occupied a very strong geomantic position for the Site of Mount Padang. Mount Padang site was built to be oriented entirely to Mount Gede.


Scenery of Mount Padang
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Mount Padang Site
Author : Mohammad Fadli
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Megalithic Site Mount Padang


Location on the map

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Sangkuriang, the legend of “Tangkuban Perahu” Mountain in West Java

Sangkuriang is a legend which was very popular among the Sundanese people (in the land of Sundanese, West Java-Indonesia). This legend tells the story of a young man who tried to have love from a beautiful woman, which was his own mother. Sangkuriang story became a legend behind the story of  Mount Tangkuban Perahu formation in West Java.



Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu
Author : Feureau, Source: wikipedia
License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic


Crater of Tangkuban Parahu
Crater of Tangkuban Parahu
Source : wikipedia, Author : CHJL

Smoke of sulfur coming out of the crater


In ancient times, in the land of Parahyangan (Sundanese land), there is a very prosperous kingdom. The king liked to hunt, accompanied by his dog named “Tumang”.

One day, after a whole day hunting, the king did not have the expected results. Animals which hunted like fade away. Within frustration, the King shocked by the barking of his dog, “Tumang” which found a beautiful baby girl, lay among the grass hedge. The king was very happy, because it has been quite a long time have not been endowed the child. The baby girl named Puteri Dayangsumbi (Dayangsumbi Princess).

After grew up, Dayangsumbi princess married, which later blessed with a son which was named Sangkuriang, which also later, had a passion to hunt, but unfortunately Dayangsumbi husband did not have a long life.

One day, Sangkuriang which was very young went to hunt, accompanied by Tumang, the king’s favorite dog, which was also her mother’s favorite. But that day was not good, the hunt did not get results. Because Sangkuriang had promised to dedicate a deer heart to his mother while the deer was not acquired, then Sangkuriang killed Tumang to take his heart which was then presented to his mother.

When Dayangsumbi finally found out that deer heart whichwas presented by his son was Tumang heart, her favorite dog, she became very much angry. Driven by anger, she accidentally hit his head with a ladle of rice, that held at that time, that action caused injury that caused trace. Sangkuriang felt his efforts to make his mother pleased was useless, and he felt not guilty. He thought if there was no deer heart, dog heart won’t be a problem without thinking of loyalty Tumang that has devoted his life to serve his master. Sangkuriang left the kingdom and then disappeared somewhere.

After that incident Dayangsumbi felt deeply sorry, every day she was always praying and asking God to be reunited with her son. Later, her request will be granted and by God’s grace as well Dayangsumbi blessed with eternal youth.

Sangkuriang, who continued to adventure, grew up to be a gallant young man and powerful. He had conquered powerful demon. In one moment of his adventures, Sangkuriang did not realize that he returned to the kingdom that he came from, and brought him to a beautiful princess that was princess Dayangsumbi. Sangkuriang fell in love with the princess, Dayangsumbi also fascinated by gallantry and handsomeness of Sangkuriang. Then there was a relationship between the two. Sangkuriang and Dayangsumbi at the time did not know that they was actually mother and son. Sangkuriang  finally proposed Dayangsumbi to become his wife.

One moment the veil open, Dayangsumbi found out that the young man was his son. She saw the scar on his head when she helped fix her future husband’s headband.

After convinced that Sangkuriang was his son, Dayangsumbi trying derail the marriage. To marry her, Dayangsumbi proposed two requirement to be fulfilled by Sangkuriang with the time limits, before dawn (sunrise). The first requirement, Sangkuriang should be able to make a big boat. Second requirement, Sangkuriang should be able to make a lake that can be used for sailing the boat.

Sangkuriang agreed, he worked overtime, assisted by the demon or devil that once defeated by him. Large wooden timber for making boat and for blocking Citarum river, he got from the forest on the mountain which according to the legend, later the mountain was given the name Gunung Bukit Tunggul ( hillside stump mountain).

In the meantime Dayangsumbi also asked God for helping her thwart the will of Sangkuriang to marry her. God granted Dayangsumbi. Before Sangkuriang work was completed, the rooster crows, and dawn. Sangkuriang angry, knowing he failed. He kicked the boat that was made. The boat finally fell face down and later became a legend of Mount Tangkuban Perahu, while the river that dammed to form lakes gradually was Citarum located in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

 Illustration of the story about Sangkuriang

Illustration of the story about Sangkuriang
Illustration of the story about Sangkuriang
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