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The Legend of “Situ Bagendit” Lake in Garut, West Java Indonesia

Garut, is one area in West Java which is a fertile area and has many tourist attractions. One of them is, “Situ Bagendit” (Situ is Sundanese language means lake). 

I will tell you the famous legend behind the story about that lake.

In the ancient times there lived a wealthy widow, named Nyai Endit (Nyai is Mrs in Sundanese Languange in Sunda Land). She lived in a village in Garut city, West Java. Nyai Endit had very many property, but she was stingy and greedy. She was also very arrogant, especially to poor people.

One day, Nyi Endit held of salvation because increased her wealth. When the event, came a beggar. Condition of the beggar was pathetic. His body was very thin and his clothes tattered. He begged to Nyai Bagendit “Please Nyai, give me some food.” Seeing  a dirty old beggar came into her house, Nyai Endit was angry and drove him away. “Shameless dirty beggar, get out of my house”.  Nyai Endit snapped him.

Feeling deeply sad, beggar went away. The next day, people were busy with appearance of the stick which embedded in the village street. Everyone tried to pull out that stick, but not worked. The old beggar who asked for food to Nyi Endit reappeared. He was quickly able to pull out the stick and right away came out a big water fountain and more water came out.

Fearing a flood, the villagers immediately evacuated to other places. Nyai Endit that stingy and greedy did not want to leave her home. She was very fond of her property.

Finallyshe drowned along with all her properties. Other residents survived. Mentioned that it was the origin formation of the lake, that later was named “Situ Bagendit” (Bagendit Lake).


Situ Bagendit in Garut, West Java-Indonesia
Author : Edi Wibowo for Wikipedia
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The beauty and Legend of Kawah Putih (White Crater) in Western Java, Indonesia

Kawah Putih  (White Crater)  is one of the two craters which make up Mount Patuha in West Java Indonesia.


White Crater location map in The south of Bandung, West Java


Beautiful White Crater lake


Plant on the lake of White crater


Smoke that comes out of the lake


Patuha, regarded by the Ciwidey society as the oldest mountain. The word “Patuha” is reputedly derived from the word, old man (sepuh), and so the local society called it by the name of  Mount Sepuh. More than a century ago Mount Patuha  was considered haunted , so that no one dared to go and therefore the existence and the beauty of the mountain unknow by the peoples.


The legend story of white crater in a large frame at the white crater location


According to historical records, Patuha volcano had erupted in the tenth century, causing a terrible crater next to the top of the West. In the twelfth century, the crater on the left also erupted, which then formed a beautiful lake.

In 1837, a Dutchman of German descent named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn (1809-1864), traveled to the south of Bandung area. When he arrived in the area Junghuhn felt the atmosphere was very quiet and deserted, lacking in wildlife. Then he asked about this phenomena to the local community, and he got the information that the mountain was very scary , because it was where the ancestors lived, and the kingdom of the jinn (devil). Therefore if there was a bird that dare to fly over the area, it will fall and die.

However, the Dutchman not a believer in the folklore, continued his journey through the wilderness on the mountain to prove the occurrence of what actually happened in that area, but before getting to the top of the mountain, Junghuhn stunned, admiring  the natural charm, which was so beautiful in front of him, lay a large lake, with a greenish white water. From the lake, a stinging smell of sulfur is apparent, so it was clear why the birds would not fly across.

After everything was clear, the mine of white crater sulfur was established  (Zwavel Ontgining, White Crater). In the era of Japan’s occupation, efforts continued with the title “White crater Kenzanka Yokoya Ciwidey” directly under military supervision.

According to Abah kuncen Karna who at this time is more or less 105 years old at the time of writing this article and living in the village of Sand Hoe, Village Sugih Mukti, said that in white crater there lays the tomb of the ancestors.

One of the top of Patuha mountain peaks, Kapak mountain is trusted as the meeting place of the ancestors. In this place, sometimes society saw (by supernatural means) a bunch of fluffy white sheep, which is believed to be a manifestation of the ancestors.

The natural scenery around the white crater is quite beautiful, with the greenish-white water contrasting with the limestone that surrounds the lake. In the north of the lake stand upright cliffs of gray limestone, which is overgrown with moss and other plants.


The cliff in white crater, which is filled with plants


White Crater Lake and cliff around it


Franz Wilhelm Jungjuhn had long died, but his discovery which is known by the name Kawah Putih (White crater) is still fascinating until now.


Fog coming


A very amazing scenery!


Really beautiful lake in the White Crater


In the area of  White crater lake there is a cave, heritage from the Dutch colonial era. In front of the cave there is a warning for not to be long  in the front of the cave. The logical reason is because the gas issue of the cave which is certainly related to the sulfur content in that area that could cause people poisoning by that gas.


The cave heritage from the Dutch colonial


Short time in the front of the cave 🙂


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